EWM P1 - El Paso, TX

EWM is finalizing commissioning on its first commercial plant in El Paso, Texas.

The plant is located adjacent to El Paso Water Utilities’ Kay Baily Hutchison (KBH) Water Treatment Plant. It is designed to process waste brine concentrate currently being disposed from the KBH plant through deep well injection approximately 20 miles from the site. In addition the plant will process raw brackish well water.

Benefits to El Paso

EWM’s Full Recovery DesalinationSM technology recovers minerals and desalinated water using unique integrations of the following technologies:

  • Enhanced yield from existing desalinization plant (effectively 99%)
  • Avoided concentrate disposal issues
  • Preservation of finite life brackish water aquifer

Design Specs

  • Produce ~2.4 million gallons per day (mgd) potable-quality water from 1.3 mgd of raw brackish water and 1.3 mgd concentrate
  • Influent raw brackish water TDS: 2,500 mg/L
  • Influent concentrate TDS: 13,000 mg/L
  • Products:
    1. Potable-Quality Water (TDS<800 mg/L)
    2. Caustic Soda (50% Concentration)
    3. Hydrochloric Acid (35% Concentration)
    4. Gypsum (high purity, 100% Soluble)
    5. Magnesium Hydroxide (98% Purity, 56% Solid)